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Valuedesk is an interactive measure-tool with which industrial procurement cost savings can be captured, analyzed, and prepared for implementation within a matter of seconds.

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clear & intuitive

Through a user-friendly surface-design and a clear specialization on value-added savings measures in purchasing, the tool can be intuitively applied without -intensive training courses. Valuedesk depicts the status of all potential savings and added value from idea to realization transparently and in real-time.

transparent & interactive

Valuedesk enables ideas and measures to be connected, shared and jointly edited in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. The smart mobile tool simplifies communication and leads to fast, effective and measurable results.

fast & uncomplicated

Valuedesk takes a maximum of two days to implement and can be used without additional SAP-integration. This means that the tool delivers results immediately after deployment at no additional cost.

Intelligent by design with SEKO

Valuedesk develops a comprehensive database from all of the saved measures which permits immense savings and a high level of transparency for the company. Based on this, the artificial intelligence for self-learning purchasing optimization – we call it SEKO – will automatically identify potential savings in the future.

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